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WordPress for breakfast, WooCommerce for lunch & WPML for dinner.
That's a normal Carambola day.


We speak your language, not fluffy, neither nerdy (except if that is your language)

We eat websites since 2005 & think WordPress since many years...

You and your employees know everything about your products & services. That's why you want an online expert to help your company to be present on the internet. 

There are lots of companies building websites, there are lots of different prices for all kind of online services. 


If you are looking for a reliable partner with all kind of services for reasonable prices, you can stop searching & just get in touch with us!

Meet Carambola in person

A reliable partner needs to be honest, so we have to admit that Carambola isn't a multi-national (yet)...


Domains, hosting, email,...

Technical Partners

Carambola relies on experts for all kind of technical but crucial items. Hey, you can't know everything, right?


CAIO aka Chief-All-in-One

Jurgen Hollebecq

Yes there is only me in the company right now. There are a lot of ideas, but currently you will always talk to me & I will create your website.


Story of Carambola


Themes and plugins

Premium Support

Outstanding features shouldn't be reinvented again & again. Using a plugin & adapting it to your needs, that's way more efficient! But it is crucial to rely on products that have great follow up for information & solving issues.

Carambola facts

Let's give you some numbers

Numbers won't tell everything
but it's something to be proud of...

years of experience
Belgian Woo Worker
happy customers

Contact us

Every company will mention on their website that they are the ideal partner.
If you think that we can start a beautiful customer story, don't hesitate to contact Carambola & you'll get answer from the man who will discuss your requirements, build your website and help maintaining your online beauty.
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